December 11th, 2007

5-credit elective with no Friday? [SOLVED]

Hey guys,

I'm changing my schedule around so I have no Fridays. I need just one 5-credit elective class to fit into my schedule. I've used the schedule-finder and scoured through the time schedule but haven't come up with much. I'm willing to keep refreshing the time-enrollment page to get into classes or else beg for an add code the first day.

So far I've found the ART H 250 class that is also linked through HSTEU and LAT. It's a 5 credit but only 4 hours, woo! Problem is I can't get in because of the way the professor has locked the class with three-way enrollment. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get into that one. Since I bet a few of you may be signed up for something that I'm looking for I'd appreciate if you could let me know what the class is. And then I can use it as an alternative.


ETA 17 Dec 2007: Thanks for your replies guys! But I ended up adding the ART H class through the HSTEU link just now as someone dropped (yay!). Now I can go back to being a proper business school student with no Friday's, woo! :D
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