November 29th, 2007

Bank Robbery?

Hey, did anyone else see the maybe bank robbery on 45th around 4:15 today? Held up the traffic while all the cop cars surrounded Wells Fargo. Does anyone have that link about the 911 calls in the area? 

Missing library book

So...I'm having a problem with a book I dropped in the book drop outside of Odegaard. It's been 3 days (past the grace period) and it hasn't shown up in the library system as checked in. To make matters worse, it was from an interlibrary loan so if they can't find it, it's going to cost me $90 flat to replace it. I asked the librarian if this usually happens, and she said rarely, and that "sometimes, a person thinks that they dropped it off but didn't", that I shouldn't have dropped it off in the book drop and that it should have been returned directly to the library...but...wouldn't that defeat the purpose of a book drop? um...yea. Anyway. Has anyone else had a book go missing? I was told to call the Interlibrary Loans dept, but they told me to email the office and I haven't heard back. I was thinking of submitting a library appeal, but am not sure if they would think I lost it and was lying... Any advice? Thanks in advance...