November 22nd, 2007


freshman admissions

Do freshman admissions exist for Winter or Spring quarters, or are those reserved for transfers? I'm asking, because my brother (currently in his Senior year of high school and second year doing Running Start) will not be able to take his SATs until January 26th, well past the Fall 2008 application deadline. At this point, his options are either to apply for Winter or Spring (if possible) or to finish out his AAS at community college and apply as a transfer for Fall 2009.

If freshmen are admitted during Winter or Spring, is it worth it to apply? I transferred in myself, and I seem to remember that there were fewer spaces and more competition during these quarters. However, my brother's academics are strong (good GPA, Running Start), he knows what he wants to do (Electrical Engineering), and the only thing keeping him from applying is the late SAT date. If I could write him a glowing letter of recommendation, I totally would. Advice?