November 21st, 2007

Political Involvement

Hello all- as a frustrated college student who aspires to be politically active, but who finds it hard to find a true group who makes a difference, I wanted to ask everyone if they are involved in any political groups which they truly enjoy being a part of. I'd love just to participate in a discussion group to talk about current issues.
Do others feel there is a lack of discussion about current candidates as primaries approach? Recently I've been reading about Kucinich and I've realized how little I know about the true views of the current candidates.
Has anyone been closely following the debates?
Maybe we could form a uw livejournal discussion group if others are interested.
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Hello my fellow students (and maybe library staff…):

I guess I’m writing this for you today because finals are rolling around, and I know that final projects are also coming up. This probably means that study rooms need to be booked, and many a headaches are to be had. I figure that you guys (Of the UW LJ group) are probably smart, and know how to do everything already, but maybe this will be helpful. A lot of people I've talked to seem to find the system a pain to navigate, so here we have a tutorial for the enjoyment of you and me...

I just have to say, this is totally off of the record; I’m not writing this as a student worker, but just as a fellow student, so the libraries have no responsibility over what I’m about to say! I just figured a student to student perspective would be easier/more straight forward than from staff to students…SO:



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