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Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Subject:Good ol' Math 125
Time:7:04 pm.
I thought all was well when the class average was 30 out of 60. Problem is, I scored a WHOPPING 13! I only missed two points on the first midterm though.

After this massive failure, do you think it's worth it to stay with the class? Is it even an option to drop (I've never done that before)? I need a 2.0 in this class for it to count towards my major, and I'm graduating this spring.

Does anyone have any experience with dismal failures on Calc exams? Please, lend me your thoughts, UW.
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Time:8:01 pm.
I changed one of my classes to S/NS awhile back since I'm not doing so hot. I DON'T need more misc credits and I'm kind of pissed that it came to that, but I'd rather get misc or no credit than sink my GPA. However, I have one question:

Since I am only taking 12 credits and this class is the 2 credit one
Since I basically have my entire tution paid for with Husky Promise and Tuition exemption, for both of which "full time" is a requisite

If I end up getting a NS and not getting credit for the course will I have to pay back every penny I got from both of those since I'll have only actually EARNED 10 credits? Is it based on whether you take a full time course load, even if you end up not getting credit for or failing a class, or is it dependent on actually recieving full time credit as well?

I REALLY don't want to have to pay it all back...mostly because I can't. Someone told me they've been in the same situation as me before and the school just asked them to write a letter of explanation as to why they didn't pass or get credit for the class, and what your circumstances were.

Can anyone confirm this?
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Time:8:06 pm.
i heard there are apple trees somewhere on campus? anyone know where they are? or any place closeby?
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