November 16th, 2007


Bike Questions:

1) What is the likelihood that my brand new, beautiful bicycle will get stolen if I lock it up on campus in front of or next to Mary Gates Hall?
Sub-question: will my nice, shocked, cushy, leather seat get stolen? What about the bag attached to my bike rack? Should I take those with me?

2) What is the easiest way to get onto campus with a bike if I'm coming from the village area? I really don't want to conquer all those hills because I'm a lazy son of a bitch. I'm thinking Burke-Gilman to _____??

3) Will I get a ticket for not wearing a helmet? I saw a biker getting a ticket the other day on campus, but I'm not sure what for. And if so, what's the average fine for such a ticket?

study abroad.

(yes, i checked the memories.)
Hey guys, i'm looking for some advice about studying abroad.
I only have one friend who did, and she wasn't from UW so I decided to just ask here.
I want to do B-term next summer in London (The Shakespeare Program.) Yes, i'm an english major. :/ but i'm happy with my choice. && someone got annoyed with me posting on this comm. because I rarely capitalize and use correct grammar. oh well, it's only lj...

I was wondering how much free time there is outside of the classes we'll be taking and time spent with the host in...can i get my party on? haha. i'm kidding. but you know, time to go out and do things with people or just on you own. Or is it really structured? I would just rather know these things before I sign up.

Also, i don't have any friends that are going. I'll most likely make friends once I get there, right? I should hope so. :-( I know these questions are all really stupid, but ya know. I don't know who else to ask and get honest answers. I just don't want to be the only one without their best friend there or something.

I was in london last year with my parents, but I love shakespeare and this program sounds like a chance to travel without my parents for once in my life. thanks for reading/responding to this!

finally~is it worth it overall??? or should i just wait and travel on my own later.

Husky v Cal tickets

So I have 4 tickets to the Husky v Cal game tomorrow. Kick off is at 12:30.

Original ticket price is $60 a piece.
I'm selling them for half price, $120 total if you're UW student/staff/fac.

I'm also willing to sell them in pairs.

If you are interested let me know.