November 15th, 2007


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EDIT --- Thanks, that number helped a lot. I gave it to my aunt, and hopefully things will go well from here. ---

Okay, so this may turn out to be a dumb question, but,'s the third question in two months, and the first wasn't dumb, so please bear with me.

I've been under the impression that Apple Cup tickets are long sold out, but looking at the sports link at just confused me. It definitely said that the $30ish tickets were sold out, but it didn't say if the $65 ones were, or not. Student-only tickets are not useful to me in this case.

If every single thing there is is sold out, it's not going to break my heart, but my aunt called me this week, figuring "Kristin goes to UW, she'll be able to get me a ticket at this late date!" Yeah. Definitely, that was a good idea. I just want an absolute answer so I can call her and tell her.