November 14th, 2007

Should I take MUSIC 117 or MUSIC 185?

Should I take MUSIC 117 (currently registered for) or MUSIC 185? I've already taken the first theory class (MUSIC 116) but unfortunately I got a 3.2 :| I know, I know, I should have 4.0'ed that class. But srsly, when I was taking music lessons as a kid I never learned much theory, heh. If I get my butt into gear can I get a 4.0 in 117? How is the MUSIC 185 "Concert Season" class? It seems easier. I just need 2 more elective credits so I want to know which class I should take. Oh yeah, the Concert class is full right now but I figure I might be able to get in if someone drops or get an add code on the first day...

Thanks a bunch! :)