November 11th, 2007


Sooo, I'm wondering some people's opinions of the classes I'm scheduled for. I've done my reading up on them, but I'm just curious if you guys have experience with the profs or the classes in general.

Anything will do! Just interested!

Anthropology 209 - Samuel Yum - Anthropology of Visual Media

Communications 202 - Lisa Coutu - Intro to Comm II (I'm planning to be a communications major btw...)

English 213 - Matthew Vechinski - Modern/Post Modern lit.



Like the question below about classes - since the university is going to be closed, will parking therefore be free on Monday? I have to meet a group at Balmer, and I wanted to be able to park on campus.



Hello all-

I'm wondering if anyone could give me advice on how to get to SeaTac from the UW Campus? I've been using the TripPlanner on the Seattle Transit website, but the maps are really ambiguous, saying the bus I should take makes "limited or no stops" at the airport. How have others done it before?

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has anyone taking Classics 101?? Classics really interest me but I don't want to take a too intense class for this winter quarter. Is it really helpful? What's the work load like??

Thanks :)