November 6th, 2007

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Compost, dammit.

I don't really spend any time in any other place but OUGL these days, so I go to By George to satisfy food cravings. Yeah, of course I like this whole "Whoo, we're green!" thing everyone is doing; kind of wishing it didn't seem so fad-ish, but oh well, it's a good fad and hopefully it will transform into a way of life eventually, that's my wishful thinking. So, I saw that there's a lone compost bin at By George. That's great, composting is great especially at a cafeteria, where paper coffee cups make up so much of the waste. Except... It's just ONE compost bin. In a poor location. I used to work at By George for 2+ years, so I remember which garbage areas filled up the fastest, and that wasn't really one of them; it took me searching to find the bin, there should be signs to it at least since it's a relatively new thing. I imagine there are people who didn't even see the bin. And, when in a hurry or just out of inconvenience, many people won't take a trip across the whole dining area just to compost their cup! They'll throw it in the trash. Also, wooden stirrers are fit for composting. And how many people would stir their coffee, then take that little stick and walk halfway across the big room just to throw it into the compost bin? Not many. Most probably wouldn't, in fact. I'm probably blind, but I still haven't found a compost bin at the IMA even though I think they serve coffee in those "green" cups...

I don't know if such poor planning exists only at By George; my guess is not. I expect the HFS doesn't really give a rat's ass about what I have to say about it, but I'll e-mail them about it anyway. Is there anyone else with whom I could share my issues with the current state of compost bin planning? Who are the people that oversee recycling and such on campus? I remember a couple years ago I tried contacting some people about the fact that there was no recycle bins at the IMA, and got zero response. People drink stuff out of plastic bottles. My archery club always had battered paper targets that could definitely be recycled (we just gave them to the desk staff even though it probably annoyed the hell out of those folks). I just think that if there are compost bins, might as well make the most of them, and as far as I see it, it's not working too well right now.

I'm not trying to be mean about this issue, I'm just hoping to give people opinions of how these new programs are working and things that I personally see could be improved, opinions are good. So, if you guys have any suggestions, I'd really appreciate it! :-)

UW Student Arrested

A French and Italian Studies student studying in Perugia, Italy was arrested today... apparently they believe she's involved in the murder of her British exchange student roommate.

More info from the Seattle PI

edit, 5 pm I just saw on King 5 that the student "broke down" during questioning and has admitted that she took part in what they are now calling manslaughter.