November 5th, 2007


So after getting up at 545am to register for my dream schedule this morning, I realize stupidly that I didn't see the tiiiny little restriction that only business students are allowed to register for mktg 301 periods 1&2. I am already working in the advertising and marketing field and REALLY need this class, but am not a business major!

Soooo, would any business major who doesn't have any classes going on MW 1030-1220 want to hold marketing 301 for me until I get an add code?I KNOW this class is going to fill up before period 3. I would really, really appreciate it and would probably nominate you for sainthood in the near future.

Thanks guys.

two questions...

1) anyone know why the law building is checking id's as you enter the building? i know there was some kind of security threat or something of that nature, but i was wondering if anyone knows the specifics.

2) what the heck is going on behind(north) of kane hall? i saw crews tearing out massive amounts of trees. i'm very confussed on this one.