November 1st, 2007


Psych 331: Human Lab

Okay, since there are so many Psych majors out there, I need to call on you all for advice.

I'm trying to get my lab requirement out of the way next quarter, and I'm not sure which one to take. I am interested in the Human lab (331) because it seems interesting (and to be honest, it fits with my schedule quite nicely), but I hear mixed things about the Professor, Joslyn.

If I take this class, then I would only have class MWF. SInce I do have a job and all on top of school, that sounds really nice. Is there anything I should know about Joslyn that may turn me off? Is it just that she's tough, or is there more to it? Oh, and what do you actually DO in the class?
Long Cat!
  • miriena

EE 341

I've been told by a seemingly reliable source (an EE professor) that EE 341 is offered every academic quarter, yet it's not on the time schedule for Winter... Poopy. To the EE folks that read this (if any): what quarters is EE 341 offered..? Or is it irregular? The course description didn't have the info.


Printing options... printer broke.

I don't have a husky card or a Dawg-Prints card because...well...I just don't!

I'm just wondering what my options are. I know in Odegaard you can send your files to be printed, does anyone know the fee off hand? Or any other places with free/cheap printing wirelessly? I'm just curious, this isn't an emergency or anything - but if someone knows a loophole to printing on campus, I'd suuuure like to know!