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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Time:12:30 am.
anyone know where i can find a typewriter on campus?
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Time:11:18 am.
Hmm. Is there anyone here who's under the wing of GAIP (Graduate Appointee Insurance Program)? My husband is one of the head physics TA's and as such that's the insurance we're going to be sticking with since it's about a million times cheaper than student insurance, as well as better (unions can be good...). We haven't had it for very long and still haven't really spent time figuring out the ins and outs of it, mostly because getting in touch with a person (and not an answering machine) to talk to has been difficult, we've played the game of phone tag for a while, but it wasn't too helpful. So, I figured I'd ask around to see if anyone else happens to have the same insurance and could help me shed light on some stuff.

You have to pay for your prescriptions in full and then get reimbursed later, right? What the percentage of the cost (well, on average) that ends up being covered by insurance? I gather that they'd REALLY prefer you to fill prescriptions at the Hall Health pharmacy, right? When I had my dad's super-nice insurance I filled all of my prescriptions at Rite Aid because Hall Health hours suck as far as my schedule goes. Also, doctor visits. Is it the same deal? You pay the whole cost of an office visit out of pocket, and submit for reimbursement? Does it help pay for visits to the Mental Health Clinic? I see a nurse there fairly regularly, but I don't go in for therapy, councelling or anything of the sort.

Thanks! :-)
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Subject:yay, more posts from me!
Time:12:11 pm.
Keep meaning to post this. All you students of the legal drinking age, please post your favorite beer-serving establishments in the area! And reasons why they are awesome in your opinion. I love beer, it's my favorite drink by far, so I'm mostly curious about places that have awesome beer selections. I'm usually too lazy and too afraid to explore on my own and just cross the street to go to Schultzy's, they usually have beers that suit my taste. If I'm feeling more in the mood for a trip, I go to Uber Tavern on Aurora and 75th because that place is absolutely full of goodness. But made slightly inconvenient because it's a trip on bus 48 and then a bit of a walk, and since buses stop running around 12pm, there has been a time I walked back to the U-District with my drinking buddies. It was somewhat fun, but kind of sucked at the same time (the zoo smells like manure at night, did you know?)

Please share your opinions/experiences!

PS: no one can convince me to go to the Irish Emigrant, I got kicked out of there *twice* and anyone will tell you I'm a very well-behaved and polite person unless I'm dealing with serious assholes, so I'm not fond of that place, I guess we just don't work well together. Plus, it's not that good anyway.
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Time:1:23 pm.
Islamofacist awareness week? Are you fucking kidding me?
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Time:6:02 pm.

Super secret UW geo club movie viewing next week. Those of us that are cool enough to know the details get to come.
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