October 19th, 2007

Figure Drawing/ Art Groups?

I'm currently in a figure drawing class here, but it's kind of difficult to improve as much as I would like with just 2 3hr classes a week. I was wondering if anyone knows of any figure drawing/ art groups that meet regularly here on campus. Any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

Fax Machine?

I didn't see anything in the memories, so excuse me if this question has already been asked, but does anyone know where I could find access to a fax machine on campus? Is it a service one of the copy centers would provide? Or are there ones students can used tucked away in some nook?


english major.

today is the fourth friday of the quarter, right?
i turned in my app. to the english major and have heard nothing.
i even double-checked each and every e-mail in my uw inbox. :(
i e-mailed the office but i probably won't hear anything till next week.
did they like...lose my app. or something?
i'm sad.

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