October 7th, 2007


Video Game Awesomeness

Hey guys! I'm writing an article for the Sundodger, a newsletter put out by the Husky Marching Band. My subject is Top Video Games on Campus. I'm pretty much asking anyone I can find the following questions, anyone care to jump in with their opinions? You don't have to answer all of them. If you want to go into detail with your answers, please send them to ondrak@u.washington.edu


Favorite video game(s)? Why?
Favorite genre?
Game with the best musical score? Why?
Are music/sound fx important to a game? Why?
What's most important- plot, graphics, art, sound? Something I didn't think of? Why?
What game has the best plot?
What makes a good plot?
Best multiplayer game? Why?
Best game studio (I'm talking 3rd party studios, don't give me Microsoft or Nintendo here)?
What's so good about the studio you picked?
Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony? Why?
Game with the best graphics?
Best movie based off a game?
Best game based off a movie?
Game you're most looking forward to within the next year?

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I'm selling an 4GB red iPod Nano for $125. It's the old skinny version, not the new fatty model. Like new--box has been opened, but never used. I work on campus, so let me know if you want to meet and look at it.

(I'm pretty sure we can post ads here--if not, please let me know and I'll delete this.)
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Random stalker musings

Okay, some of you will know what I'm talking about, maybe.

Please give me all the information you possibly can on a certain individual I and some other people I know have dubbed the Laughing Trenchcoat Man.

Here's what I already learned after having observed him for a couple years (believe me, I didn't choose to, our paths just cross far too often):

he REALLY frequents the libraries; that's how I came across him. He always comes into the Music Library, watches something on the computers in the Listening Center and lols. I mean, laughing out loud--REALLY loud. The second he thinks you might see what's going on on his computer screen he closes whatever it is he's looking at and starts pretending like he's browsing the home page. He also frequents the Health Sciences library, I'm assuming when Music is closed. I worked there one summer in addition to my regular library job, and he'd always be there around 5pm, using the computer. And same with the Art library, sometimes I used to give breaks to the workers there on the weekends, and I'd see him occasionally. I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm stalking him ;-)

He lives somewhere around the Greek row area, I'm pretty sure.

He always wear this brown trenchcoat, except perhaps in the summer when it's really hot, then he wears an immaculate white shirt. He's definitely an OCD character.

He has a UW Net ID, I'm pretty sure. He was still able to use the computer at the Health Sciences library after access on those became restricted to UW affiliates only, and he never ever asked for a temp ID according to my husband who used to man the front desk there.

Anything else anyone has to contribute? I know it's bad, stalking someone like this, scouting for info about who they are, but I'm just really curious, he's an interesting character and he definitely got the attention of little nosy me.