October 5th, 2007



Ok, so I've had it with hotmail. What are some recommendations for good email servers?

And will any of them let me transfer all of the messages in my current account to the new one?

random hunt

Hey so everyone has probably seen the buttons that the bookstore gives out before home games, semi making fun of the other team. I didn't get a chance to get one from the usc game. I heard that they said our band is better than yours. If anyone still has this button I would love to have it if you don't want it. Or I'd be willing to buy it from your for around $5. I'm really looking to get two of them if you or someone else has one. Thanks for any help guys!

hansee address.

what is the address to have mail sent to hansee?
i get different answers from different people, including the uw website.
i've used this one:

my name
44403 hansee hall
leary wing
seattle, wa 98195

and was able to recieve letters from my friends

but i'm expecting a UPS package and i'm nervous about the address being right :(
i hope i get my package...
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