September 27th, 2007

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Chem drop codes

Are the people in BAG 271 okay about giving out drop codes this early in the quarter or are they jerks about it? It turns out I need to drop a course (Chem 321) but I need a drop code already... and some bad experiences with stockroom people have made me scared they won't let me drop and I'll be trapped in this chemistry hell forever :(
pencil is going to die

The Walking About Club

This is the second and last post I will make about the forming of the Walking About Club. I have no desire to spam your friends list, only to enjoy a leisurely stroll. There were a number of interested people but a lot of disagreement about time. I've decided to just make a post where people can choose the times from the list they can come and whichever hour is most popular wins.

Walking About Club
"What's all this then?"

Details in a previous post.

People who have previously expressed interest: hyperhyperhy  seckzee  jenny_rae  terriblestorm  caraccident  epicmanifesto  medicgeek  and uglyvalentine.

Fridays are looking to be the day.

Please copy and paste each line/time you would actually show up to into a comment. We'll go from there.

A)  1:30 - 2:30
B)  2:30 - 3:30
C)  3:30 - 4:30
D)  4:30 - 5:30

If all of you want some other time you'll have to go on without me. *sniffle*

jobs jobs jobs

hi guys

i had a quick question on working around the uw/udistrict. I am eligible for work study but I really don't know what a good position would be and so i'm apprehensive on getting stuck at a job i absolutely dread or that is the opposite of what i expected. does any have any suggestions or know of any specific positions where its mainly a lot of sitting at a desk so that i could get the time to read and all that jazz. otherwise i'm looking into a job for the dance department or pharmacy office mostly as a secretary/receptionist

and randomly throwing this out but has anyong worked at Pochi Bubble Tea??? I saw a help wanted sign and they are very close to me but the reason why I am leaning more towards a work study position is because they would be much more flexible and understanding and i wouldn't be worried about working late hours or staying overtime. I was just wondering if anyone here has worked there and could offer their opinion on how they treat working students...i saw that they are open at 1pm to midnight which is both good and bad since i have mostly day classes so could work in the afternoon but bad because that runs the risk of working late.

I'm also more learning towards work study since i only want to work 10 to 15 hours max a week. It seems a bit of a negative factor towards me if i were to ask a regular, off campus employer to hire me for that little hours.

any any any feedback would be really great!