September 26th, 2007

pencil is going to die

Walking About Club

The Walking About Club (name under consideration)
"What's all this then?"

This isn't really a club so much as one intrepid UW senior who has just realized how few buildings she's really explored in her 3+ years of wandering. Once a week I want to gather with like minded people who desire to stroll the UW Seattle Campus and explore every last nook and cranny there is to be found. Or at least we can poke our heads in a bit and look for 'public' ice machines. While the weather is still nice and the flowers still blooming I hope to hit all of the gardens and the greenhouse next week. If you're interesting in wandering around campus with me in order to explore, drop a comment or an email. Sazma529 at the usual school ending.

Who: Anybody who feels like it?
What: Exploration, photography and ranking of buildings.
When: Once a week, tba.
Where: A new section of campus each time.
Why: So we can occasionally speak in fake British accents while admiring the view.

Who knows, maybe we'll find the ultimate secret study nook. Or at least one ice machine.

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who has taken scandinavian/clit 230 (intro to folklore studies)?

after the first class, the teacher seemed kind of annoying and boring so i checked the course evaluation catalog and he didn't get reviewed too well in them. should i drop? i was just looking for an easy I&S class this quarter. is this a really bad class for that? anyone have any other suggestions for I&S this quarter?