September 25th, 2007

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I'm sure many of you have already seen this (do you read your campus e-mails?) but just in case you passed on by without giving it a second thought....don't do it this time around! These are rad people, please vote for them!

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UW Alumni Faraz Zarghami and Zia Mohajerjasbi have made a short film for
a video contest where they had to incorporate Ping Pong and Butterfinger
in a one minute comedic movie, and they are now one of the top 5
finalists in the nation. The winner will be decided by vote, so we need
YOU to get involved!

Here’s the link to their movie “BALLS TO THE WALL”:

Here’s the link to vote:
Click on “Vote for a winner” at the top of the page, log in, and

Voting ends October 2nd and the winner will go to Hollywood and get
connected with some big time movie producers. You can also vote once
every day, so vote often!

So enjoy the movie, vote often, pass it on, and help support your local
UW Alumni!
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For those who haven't seen the new husky statue (and, by the way, his name is Lux... sure..), here you go, marvel! I don't know--is it a lion? Is it a German shepherd, or a collie? All I know is--it's not a husky and it's ugly. Oh, and a waste of $24,000.

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ETA: I put up some pictures of *real* huskies to compare the statue to... -sigh-