September 21st, 2007



Hi! This is my first year at the UW and I signed up for a FIG, not knowing that there is a "mandatory" meeting during Dawg Daze at the Kick-Off. I was wondering if any of you were/are in a FIG and whether or not this first meeting is really "mandatory" or just a ploy to get enough people on the field to create the big W. Do they take roll? Does coming to the meeting count towards anything?

NSCC transportation recommendations

So my situation is, I live in the U-District, I've got a car, I don't know if I want to sell it, and I need to go to NSCC every day, two times on some days.

I'm wondering if people around the U-District have a surefire route to NSCC, or if they just mix it up with 66, 316, 355, etc., etc... or, since I have a car, should I use it?

Please do not direct me to the Metro Trip Planner, or Google's even better planner. I want suggestions from people who actually know what they're doing because they've done it. Thanks!
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