September 20th, 2007



Do you want a job that works around your school schedule?
Do you want to make money doing something fun?
Do you like kids ages 3-5?

Join Jumpstart!

Jumpstart is an Americorps program that puts college students (YOU AND ME!) in Headstart (low-income) preschools where we work one-on-one with the children to increase their literacy and social skills.

Kids from low income preschools enter kindergarten vastly under prepared. Our goal is to change that.

Jumpstart at UW works at 6 different preschools around the city. Each member is on a team with three to five other members and a team leader and each team has a different preschool class that they go into two days a week.

Freshmen, this job is for you! This is a job that doesn't take up much of your time, but is incredibly fun and fulfilling while giving you the extra spending money that student loans (and your parents) don't!

Sophs, Juniors, and Seniors, this job is for you! It's super easy to fit around your class schedule, and you still have time for another part time job if you want one! With another job or not, it's a low-stress, high-excitment job where you know that YOU are making a difference.

I would recommend this job to anyone who likes to have fun, be creative, and make a difference!

Are you interested yet? If so, go to UW's Jumpstart website below and check out the details! We have multiple information sessions going on in the next couple weeks, and are processing applications and interviewing now! We need 70 members, so there is still room for you!