September 17th, 2007

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Dorm "Kitchens"

Hi, looked in memories and this is all I could find on what's included in dorm kitchenettes:

"I don't know about other dorms, but in McMahon I saw the "kitchens" which are just little nooks with counters, a sink, and a microwave."
As posted by caraccident in April '05.

So...can you guys tell me what's included in the other dorms? Do any of them have stoves, ovens, refrigerators, toasters, or anything else?

There wasn't any information on the HFS site, either. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: thanks guys!!! Also, do the dorms allow knives? Any restrictions on size?

BIOC 426

Can someone who has taken BIOC 426 tell me how disasterous it might be if I had to miss a Thursday lab period near the end of the quarter (9th week)? I know there are quizzes - how are they spaced through the quarter, and can they be made up?

I need to know by tomorrow morning.

Thanks so much.