September 7th, 2007


UW's address?

So, I need to provide my educational institutions' addresses on my passport application (since when? I don't know, ask Russia). Does the UW have one concrete address? I found a plethora of very specific addresses, but nothing general enough to put down as UW's address. And if such an address doesn't exist, which do you think should be most appropriate? Admissions? Undergraduate Affairs? School of Art?
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The Vu

Bow Down To Washington

From a UW alum.

"I was at UW from 89-93. (The Golden Years) I didn't miss a game. I screamed myself silly -- till I saw stars and felt like I was going go puke. I saw and participated in too many false start penalties to count. I was there at "all I saw was purple." I was at the Rose Bowl in '90,'91 and '92. I saw the debut of Napoleon Kaufman, (actually at ASU) Steve Emtman sack George Malauulu on three straight plays, Billy Joe Hobert on a 53 yd. option TD against Stanford, and the epic win at Cal in 1991. Many others here have seen the same and more -- victories over USC, Oklahoma, Ohio St., Michigan, Miami, and others.

We remember when teams feared coming to Husky Stadium. When the noise was so loud teams couldn't audible. When we knew we made a difference. When losing opponents cried about how loud it was, how they couldn't communicate, how they couldn't think. We remember how we would outwork, out hit, and out tough any team on the South sideline. We remember how it rained and we didn't care. How the wind howled and so did the crowd. We remember how we *mattered*.

Alas, the torch has been passed. We've grown up, gotten jobs, wives, and kids. We still get to some games, but not all of them. We watch what we can and go about our lives remembering those defenses. We pay our bills, grow our businesses. punch our clocks, and watch our kids grow up never knowing the joys we had on the shores of Lake Washington. But you, you can be different.

You can make their football lives a living hell again. You, with the seats on the 45 yard line behind the band, you can help bring it back. You can help *redeem* this program. You don't run, you don't tackle. but you can make Husky Stadium the most miserable place in the country to play once again. You and your fraternity brothers, your dorm clustermates in McMahon Hall, your roommates, family, and friends. You can yell. You can scream. You can rise to the occasion on 3rd and 2 to make it a 3rd and 7 and a punt! It is your energy, your vitality, and, let's be honest, your alcohol that can make this happen. You, yes you, can out yell, out drink, and out f*ck the rest of the country. You're Huskies and you've got a go**amned legacy to live up to . What would Jesus do???? No no, not on Saturday -- what would Steve Emtman do? Wat would Donald Jones, Marques, Jason Chorak, and Lawyer Milloy do? And you know what they'd do -- they'd mess s*it up, that's what they'd do.

We've been a wounded animal for a few years now. We've been humiliated, buried, and laughed at. We've lost to some terrible teams. We've looked incompetent, slow, and stupid. We've been blown out on national television and fallen to depths we never thought possible. But you're going to help change all that. You, and Jake Locker, and Nate Williams and Jordan Reffett and Marcel Reese and Chris Stevens and Juan Garcia and Donald Butler and Tyrone Willingham are going to put that crap to rest. You're going to show Boise St. that this is a different team, a different year, and a different world. And you're going to do it by screaming your lungs out on Saturday afternoon with 70,000 other Husky fans. But you, you're going to lead it.

This is your moment. Grab it. Reclaim the legacy, reclaim the history, reclaim our rightful place among the elite. Do your part and amke sure everyone around you is doing there's. We can be great again and you can make it happen.

Bow down to Washington."

Let's make Husky Stadium the scariest place for every visiting team from tomorrow and beyond!!
Go Dawgs! Beat the Broncos!