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Thursday, September 6th, 2007

Subject:did you know that...
Time:2:01 pm.
...the last day of instruction is dec. 7th?

...new years day of 2008 fall on a tuesday?

... by uw law we cant start on the 2nd/wednesday (whichever it was combo-ed)?

... that we have three weeks of winter break?


... that i still dont know what [ICGATM] means but figured it is probably "I Checked Google And The Memories"... except it really should be "I Already Checked Google And The Memories" and thus [IACGATM] ?

snark away!
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Time:2:12 pm.
Sorry if this has been posted before, but isn't there some sort of "rule" (maybe this is wishful thinking?) that if you have more than 2 final exams scheduled for the same day during finals weeks, that you can move one of them? Cause I have three on Monday... and that really sucks....
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Time:3:56 pm.
Mood: excited.
My friends and I would like to tailgate before the UW/Ohio State game. I searched the Go Huskies site for some information, but all I could find is some parking maps and a lot of fuss made over the fact that people with boats can also tailgate.

BUT -- it didn't say if people, you know, actually TAILGATE! And if so, in which parking lot people do it (I gather it's not in a "stack," i.e., bumper-to-bumper parking lot). Anyone know?

Finally... hmm, how to put this... I've been to other college football games at big schools, and, so long as you're not showering groups of passing nuns with Natty Light, the cops will look the other way and let you drink, even though a parking lot is public property. Are the gameday campus cops similarly cool?

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Subject:work load comparison: C LIT 270 vs SCAND / C LIT 230
Time:6:43 pm.
Yeah, I hate that I'm asking one of these questions as well. A pox on my house, etc etc etc. There is one related entry in the memories but it is years old. I'm thinking about making a change in my schedule because Film: Introduction requires 2.5 hours a day of class. I've no idea what the homework or essay time will be like in addition to that. Fall is going to be tight for me time wise. I'm not looking for what's easier, exactly, just what takes up less of my daily hours. Especially (repeated for emphasis) because the film class already has so many class hours.

C LIT 270
Film: Introduction


SCAND / C LIT  230
Introduction to Folklore Studies

I don't even mind missing out on a little bit more fun if it means more time for my other classes. Though any thoughts on either of the classes would be appreciated. Obviously you can only have taken one of them, just give an estimate of how much that one takes.
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Time:9:23 pm.
Looking at the list of degrees from the school website, I didn't see anything in the way of an undergrad nutritionist/dietitian program. Is there anything I missed? Is there anything close?
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