September 5th, 2007

pion-muon decay

Thrift Shops close by

I just moved here (from out of state), and being without a car, I'd like to know if there are any thrift shops near me. I'm pretty much right between Meridian and Wallingford, very close to I-5. I don't mind walking at all, so it needn't be right around the corner or anything, just close enough to walk.

I'm not entirely familiar with the area yet, so if you know of anything, please provide an address, or something close enough, or a good enough description. I probably won't know any landmarks off the top of my head, so please nothing like, "right next to/across from/etc. the ____", unless you can provide streets along with that.

Thanks in advance! Cheers!

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Does anyone know how long it takes the UW bookstore to ship, if you order online there? (And, yes, I know it's more expensive, but I have horrible luck, and know I would get the wrong book or wrong edition or something elsewhere.)

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Hi uw,

Why is it that the pathway on the north side of OUGL - you know, the one that goes by the large planter of Rhododendrons, below stevens way? - on every day of the year, at all times of day, rain or shine, smells like someone just puked on my feet?

Yours truly,