August 18th, 2007

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does anyone have any recommendations on studio/1bdrm apartments in the u-district? i suppose nearby neighborhoods would be fine if you can't think of any.

im starting not to trust those rental websites. everytime i find a 'keeper' they are full of bad reviews on the apartment rating site. so if you know of what apartments i should put on my 'avoid list' let me know.

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Weight Watchers around UW?

Anyone in this community on Weight Watchers? Any advice on which meeting to attend? (Is Northgate the best bet?) Any great leaders in the area? To make it work with my busy schedule, I'd need either morning or evening meetings

If you want to respond, but don't want to share with the rest of the community that you're on WW, feel free to go to my journal and post anonymously. I've set up an entry just for you.


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Hey, does anyone else / has anyone else worked for UW HFS? I started Spring Quarter, and I've been out of town all summer, but I do want to work there in the fall. The employee page says I'm still employed, so...are they going to email me or do I need to contact them? If so, by when? Just when I'm ready to go back to Seattle for the school year? Earlier, so they can fix up their schedules?
David Ho.

Winter Housing

I tried searching through the memories but couldn't find the information I was looking for.

I am an incoming junior and I will not be staying in the dorms Autumn quarter (family issues being sorted). However, is it possible to apply for housing in the winter? How limited am I dorm selection-wise/priority-wise if I am able to apply winter quarter?

Thanks for your help.