July 31st, 2007

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Ride for Fremont

Seattle Likes Bikes.org
Ride for Fremont
Weds. 8-1-2007
4:30 Meetup, 5pm ride from Gasworks Park

Seattle Likes Bikes

Under pressure from a minority of local businesses, the city has opted to replace planned bike lanes on Stone Way recommended by the Bicycle Master Plan with sharrows in the middle of the right-hand lane, thus placing cyclist and drivers in direct conflict for space while maintaining vastly different speeds up the hill. We will ride as the city has suggested, taking a lane as needed in loops around Fremont at rush hour, demonstrating the effect of the city's unsafe maneuver.

More info and route map: seattlelikesbikes.org
Contact us: seattlelikesbikes@gmail.com

Bring a friend, join us to show the city that cyclists are out there. We are using the roads, and we WANT the city to fulfill its promises to us by making Seattle friendly to alternative forms of transportation. The choice to deliberately exclude this section of road disconnects a major trail system from new bicycle lanes heading to the populated North end of the city.

We'll be inviting the press, you invite your friends.