July 30th, 2007

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Does anyone want a free CRT monitor? I think it's 14 or 15 inches, works, but has been ousted in favor of a flat screen. Let me know... could probably deliver it later tonight if you needed, or you could pick it up.

Sublet in Madison Park

Hi, I've decided to travel until winter quarter starts so I'd like to sublet my house at 42nd & McGilvra in Madison Park.  It's an open layout house that's perfect for one or two people.  It has in-house washer/dryer, a patio, lots of street parking, a walk-in closet, and is across the street from the terminal of the 11 bus.  (Which you can take down to 23rd & John and then take the 43/48 up to UW.)  The kitchen is fully equipped, and the house is mostly furnished (but with still plenty of room for your stuff if you have it).  I have it set up with a bedroom and a sunroom right now, but the sunroom could be used as a second bedroom instead.  Madison Park is a great neighborhood, the house is three blocks north of Madison where there is a grocery store, lots of great restaurants, and more.

Sound interesting?  Leave a comment and we can talk.  Rent is normally $950 but I'm asking $750.  I'm looking for someone immediately although I could hold off if you can't take it until fall quarter.