July 11th, 2007

Music editing

Does anyone know if there's a music editing type studio on campus?

I have a classical song that has a solo violinist and the orchestral background. I would like to somehow get rid/diminish the solo part on the sound track so that I can play the solo to the orchestral accompaniment. Does anyone know if that's even possible?

If not on campus, how about just somewhere that might be able to do it in the Seattle area? Thanks!
Foxy browser.

Friendly Bicyclists?

Hi, out of this list, what biking clubs based in Seattle would you recommend for the average modest, shy bicyclist? I've only been on my road bike for about a year and really want to ride with a group for short, 3 hour-ish rides. (Note: I don't drink so I would prefer groups that don't make it a point to hit bars as highlights of the ride.) Thanks.

Intro to Political Economy

I'm taking this class in B-term, is it crazy hard / lots of work or would I be okay taking a second B-term class?  I'm in Intro to Comp Lit for A-term and I could definitely have handled a second course, but I don't really have any idea what to expect from this class.  I know summer classes are a little different, but if you've taken it during the year, did it make you want to die or was it okay?

If it makes any difference I'm thinking of taking an English or Comp Lit class, or maybe Sexuality in Scandanavia.