July 6th, 2007


summer quarter loans

has anyone else actually had their summer quarter loans disbursed yet?

i actually withdrew from summer quarter and am not expecting to get my loans, but i still need to talk to osfa about some stuff and i wish to know if others have gotten their loans yet so i don't sound like i;m trying to scam the government for money (which i'm not, really, although an extra 3000 would be nice since i'm down to about 5 bucks right now...).

anyway, yeah. anyone?
peter_olivia - me

Question about UW paychecks ...

For those of you who work at UW, maybe you can answer this question:

What is Medical Aid/Workers Comp? Is it money taken out and put aside for MY insurance, or something else completely? Does that mean that I have an insurance plan through the school ...?

EDIT: Also, I just started getting Social Security and Medicare taken out of my paychecks ... I basically just made $80 for two weeks of work last month, when I should've gotten $190. Apparently if I'm not enrolled in classes they take this out of my paycheck ...? Could anyone please clarify this further?