June 28th, 2007

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IMA Locker Rant

So apparently if you check out a box locker or whatever for the quarter and then take your lock and move it and lock up stuff in the bigger, grey lockers that are open and leave it over night, they'll lock it up and then you have to get them to get your stuff out. Well, I am annoyed because I am playing tennis in the sports classes this week, so idealy it is the only way to store my tennis racquet since it doesn't fit into the small locker boxes. The IMA's arguement is that there are too many people that use the lockers so its unfair to take up a big locker overnight. Honestly, I have never seen all the grey lockers in use at one time, so I think its a bunch of crap. I wanted to leave a comment for the locker team there, but I am not sure if its even worth it. Just thought I'd give my two cents to the UW community. Thanks!

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What the heck-a-roo happened around Bagley on campus tonight (approx. 7:30pm)?

I can't find anything about it anywhere, but there were 12 emergency vehicles along Stevens Way. (They also re-routed the buses without telling anyone..)