June 24th, 2007

fleur de lys

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2 questions..

1) Anyone else unable to log into their webpine emails.. mine all of a sudden has become blocked  by my pop up blocker.  damn.
2) Anyone have any insight on what tomororw's Summer Career Fair may be like?  From experiencing past career fairs and the like.. I plan on going and I have no clue what to expect, what will go on, what I should do with myself, etc.

Lonely Times

I've been in Seattle a week and it's been really busy. I'm not from here and I'm only here for the summer. I said that to say that I know pretty much no one. That pretty much sucks when I'm sitting in my dorm room alone thinking about all the things I could be doing but don't want to do alone. I don't have much free time but the time that I have has been very boring. I'm not 21 so the bar scene won't work. Anybody have any ideas on where to meet people? Help!!!