June 18th, 2007

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you know what would be sweet? if UW installed some kind of thing where it would automatically email you when your grades were all done being posted, so that way you didn't have to keep checking back for a spring quarter grade that's still not up even though it's the first day of SUMMER QUARTER.

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ms office workshops..

I searched the OUGL website for any info on possible workshops but didn't find much of anything.. 
Anyone know if/how/when it may be possible to take a workshop or 2 or whatnot on campus/around town to learn how to use MS Office more efficiently?  I feel like I really really need to truly learn how to use Excel, Access, and various other programs that appear in job listings before perhaps applying to such jobs.. oy.  must learn.. must get job.

And I dont think the program "tutorials" themselves are much benefit.  Or are they?  I didn't get much of out the old excel one at least..