June 17th, 2007

part of the precipitate

Chem 321

Does anyone here have opinions on Chem 321 (Quantitative Analysis)? I didn't see any posts in the memories about it. I only need one more class for a chem minor, but don't want to take P-Chem. I registered for Chem 321 for the fall, but am worried about it because of the insane amount of labs. I have, however, heard that there isn't a lot of homework outside of the labs. Is that true? How hard is it compared to other chem classes? (I've taken the intro series, the short series of O-Chem, and 312.)
little prince

DARS vs. department listed requirements

Hey all,

I was wondering which resource is accurate when it comes to classes and credits required, DARS or the requirements listed on the department website? Specifically, the environmental health minor has a much more limited list of approved electives on the department website than what DARS tells me. Thanks for any help :)