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Thursday, June 14th, 2007

Time:9:51 am.
Want to help improve WebPine? The UW Office of Information Management is seeking participants for a usability study to identify ways Web email could be improved at the UW.

You do not need to be a WebPine user to qualify for the study. The study is being conducted on campus in several sections over the summer, starting June 20. The feedback we receive from participants will enable the UW to improve web email services for thousands of users on campus.

We are seeking:
  • UW Students - enrolled at any time in 2007 including past quarters, summer quarter, and students entering the UW in fall 2007

  • UW Staff

  • UW Faculty

  • Each student participant will receive a gift card as a token of our appreciation.

    If you can volunteer for this or other upcoming usability studies, please fill out this WebQ survey or email usable@u.washington.edu.

    Thank you!
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    Subject:commodore duchess
    Time:8:06 pm.
    it's me again. i don't know how, but i missed the commodore duchess apartments in my search. what is your opinion of it?

    thanks for your help. jules
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    Subject:School Loans
    Time:10:16 pm.
    So, next year, I'm going to have to pay a pretty penny for college. I had several one-year scholarships this year, but I don't have anything except for financial aid next year. Anyways, it doesn't quite give me as much money as I need. Are there any other organizations that give school loans, that aren't included in the financial aid? I'm pretty much on my own with college, and I won't have much time to work next year, even with work study. I know that all of you have or will come across a similar financial situation, so any help is much appreciated! Thanks.
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