June 13th, 2007

fleur de lys

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Please don't hate me for adding onto the dorky academia train.. buuuut.. I had a question similar to the previous ones.

I also just graduated last weekend, so obviously I (theoretically?) can't take any classes over the summer.  But there is this one class I'd really love to take (fr.472) if my work schedule would allow it.  I'll be working for the school, but I dont know how much the "student" vs. emloyee status would count in the sitaution since any possible "student" status doesnt matter b/c I already graduated, and therefore, could still work more than the weekly 19.5 hrs for uw students.  i hope..

I'm assuming my only option & way into the course is via auditing the class?  If the instructor allows it.  I wish I could have looked into & gotten on top of this sooner, but nope, can't, work starts next monday and I have no clue what the sched looks like. dang


I could email my counselor in the honors department about this, but I'd rather spam the LJ community since I probably will be leaving it soon, and thus can risk ruining my reputation with a dumb question.

I finished the UW honors program and did all my business departmental requirements on top of that. On my transcript it doesn't show that I finished everything with honors! It just says this:

 UW:152.0 TRANSFER:  5.0 EXTENSION: 45.0  GPA:  3.59


hello!! i will be attending uw as a transfer student this september, and i have some questions that i hope you guys could answer

1) how many of you have a long commute? i am weighing my options right now. i live in enumclaw currently and that is rather far from campus

2) i looked into the web site about the apartments (stevens court, nordheim, and radford) but seeing that it is already june, i am concerned about not getting an apartment by september. is there a particular deadline? is it too late, is what i'm asking. and i have trust issues so i want to live alone.

3) what is living in the u district like? i'm basically concerned about crime. i have heard about shootings and other stuff in the area. i hear stuff about seattle all the time, so i am nervous.:) are there any other quieter neighborhoods?

thanx those are my questions for now