June 12th, 2007


Hey everyone,

I have a question about requirements. I already called the registrar who told me to call my adviser who is out for the week.

In my DARS The grade requirement for the department says this:

Linguistics Requirement: Major Grade Point Average
Min. 2.00 average in all courses used in the major
requirements. Transfer and extension courses are excluded.

It has me marked off as OK for completing that but I have a 1.3 in one of my ling. classes. I'm assuming that means that the Min. 2.0 grade is an average of all the classes (and I'm at a 3.something so that would be fine). But seeing as how I just graduated I'm nervous about getting my diploma.

Anyone have any experience with this? They really should make the wording less ambiguous.
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Ridiculous query

Soooo, I ended up my undergrad with a 3.59 GPA, and I wanted a 3.6 desperately. I got 517.5 points on 144 credits, so all I would need is a 3.8 in a 1 credit class to get my GPA to a 3.6.

My question then is: is there a 1 credit class that requires barely any work that I could take over the summer (any recommendations)?
Also I graduated so I know I need to make a special request to be able to take more classes, what I wonder is: will the grade count in my GPA? 

I know that my query is on the border of ridiculous, and I am very happy to have a high GPA. I just want a 3.6!

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More stupid GPA crap!


since it's grades time again, and people have been talking a bunch about GPAs, I figure I should ask what has always intrigued me: are any aggregate data on grades kept that are publicly available? I would love to know what the UW-wide, and even better, my major's average GPA is!