June 9th, 2007

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so I didnt get any of my graduation stuff from jostens, cap and gown from a housemate and commemorative white tasselfrom bookstore. My tassel has a big 07 on it, do the jostens tassels have anything on them?


When I was registering for IMA classes, I noticed there's like a list of days for climbing instructions.. Does anybody know how that work? Do I just have to sign up for it and try to pass a test or something for using the climbing center at the IMA?? I'm very curious ..

Physics 114 vs Physics 121?

How does the Physics 114 algebra-based series compare with the Physics 121 calculus-based series when it comes to difficulty and the ease of getting a good grade?

I'm great at Calculus and I'm a bio major, but I don't need to take a calculus-based physics class. In some colleges, non-calc physics is just as hard to succeed in as calc physics, but I wasn't sure about UW.

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