June 8th, 2007

Just double-checking...

I'm taking a class at BCC this summer and I just want to make sure - when I transfer the class to my UW transcript to get credit for it, the grade I got does *not* get factored into my GPA, correct? Because it's my "UW GPA"? The only thing that happens is I get credit, and the grade is visible on my transcript... right?
fleur de lys

Husky stadium graaaaaaaduation!

Soo,  From what I've heard tomorrow's ceremony is supposed to be long and boring, particularly for us undergrads...

so we've got to figure a way to stay entertained for all those hrs.. Question:  Can & how do girls bring in a purse into the stadium...?  I figured I wouldn't take much other than of course husky id, ticket, phone, and a book and/or mag to read?  Will that look tacky.. reading a novel at graduation?

Your input on how to survive the whole deal is appreciated!  And no, I can't put anything in my pockets.. my dress doesn't have pockets :)