June 5th, 2007


4 eyes

I know how frugal and money savvy as well as fashionable the rest of you UW students are so I was wondering if you guys have recommendations for eye exams and eye glasses shops around here. I was thinking of going to Northgate Pearlvision or somewhere downtown out of convenience. I'd prefer an opthalmologist for the eye test but if you know of good optometrists, that would be really helpful too.
Happy finals week to all!

i've asked around and looks like ophthalmologists don't really do the eye checkup unless there's a real concern about eye diseases. I guess my mom was just paranoid when I was in highschool.
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uw nursing school

i know it is the #1 nursing school and blah blah blah hard to get into unless you give them your firstborn

but...that's what they say about uw....and i have definetely come to learn that is sometimes not the case.
a friend of mine went to the nursing school 4 years ago and he mentioned something like his gpa when he applied was a 3.3? or so. He mentioned he did good on his prereqs but...i'm just curious, from a honest standpoint, what is everyone's opinion/experience with the nursing school and admittance.

thanks :D

UW Bookstore

Are we getting back rebates or merchandise credit from the U-Bookstore this year? I thought it was credit, but the white receipt envelope I'm using has "rebate" plastered all over it - except, of course for the few lines about "merchandise credits".
peter_olivia - me

Parking permits, anyone?

Hi everyone.

I've got two parking permits I'd like to part with. These are for graduation. One's for tomorrow (June 6) and one's for Friday (June 8). I'd like to get 8 bucks for each, but I'm willing to go down to 5. I paid 10 bucks (each) for them, but it ends up my family's coming in one car.

Anyways, just reply to this. I can meet you on campus tomorrow after my final for the exchange.


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