May 31st, 2007

odd question

does anyone out there own a dell inspiron 6000 laptop?

i have one that is playing dead. i bought a new laptop but the catch is, the inspiron got angry before i could back up my recent files (nifty, huh?) theres a problem with the charging port and the motherboard but im not quite sure how damaged the motherboard is...

ANYWAYS, if anyone has a dell inspiron 6000 from which i could borrow the battery from for like thirty minutes, i could try to transfer my files. and you would make my finals week/last week of college MUCH easier...

and i suppose i could bake you cookies or somesuch.

Textbook Sale

$50 - Nakama 1: Japanese Communication, Culture, Context
ISBN: 0669275832
Format: Hardcover
Price: $50.00
Author: Seiichi Makino
Class: JAPAN111, 112, 113

Description: 1st Year Japanese Hardcover textbook. Good condition, no tears or bends on the covers. Spine perfect. i.e. Not falling apart.

CD included!!!

I will throw in the first section of the Nakama Work/Lab manuel for Japan111 for free. I only took 112 and 113, so the 111 section has not been used. =)
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room for rent

I have a furnished room in u-district available in a week (yes, i procrastinated). Two blocks away from the campus (50th and 16th). The room is a corner room on the top floor of the building, very bright with two large windows, and has a private bathroom with shower. The room comes furnished with a twin bed, lighting, desk, chair (and nice tv, xbox, couches, et cetera in the living room). The room is one of five rooms in the apartment. There will be three other roomates this summer (one room will stay vacant), all male UW students, easy going and responsible. Kitchen includes brand new dishwasher. Bike parking and laundry room downstairs and parking is available at additional cost. Rent includes free internet; utilities (including Comcast cable) usually 30. $475 negotiable.

The room is available around June 10th. Don't hesitate to email for questions or more pix: perstare / at / gmail.

Also, here is the website:

Thanks! :)