May 30th, 2007

where do I go from here?


I am a senior in Economics, and I don't have very many credits left. I am trying to choose between these two classes for Fall quarter. Does anyone have experience, either in these classes or with these teachers? I checked out the CEC, but neither teacher was listed. I would love some feedback before deciding.

Econ 431- Government and Business - K Leffler
Econ 454- Cost-Benefit Analysis- L Anderson

hot fuzz

dropping a German class

I recently got into a different language that I wanted more and will be dropping my German class. I figure it would be polite to give you lovely LJ folks first crack at a currently closed class. I'll work out a time with whoever for sure needs to take this class. I'd like it to go to someone desperate to get into German, but I'll take anyone. We'll time it using AIM or DC++ pm maybe.

First Year German
German 101 D
SLN 13782
MTWThF 10:30 - 11:20

For some reason this is a really popular time, as other sections of the same class are still wide open while this one is closed.