May 28th, 2007

Mattress Removal?

I have a clean (good condition) queen size mattress that I need to get rid of because I'm moving. What's a good place or organization that will take this kind of thing as a donation? Salvation Army wont do it because I don't have a boxspring and craigslist has only a 50% chance of working. I was wondering if there are any other orgs/places that will take it (in the general area)? Preferably pick up since I have no car.

Thanks and I appreciate any info.
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So, I've been accepted as a transfer student to start in the fall, with an intent to major in Art History.  

I once heard a rumor that the Art History advisor doesn't "allow" students to do double majors, which is something I was vaguely considering doing in conjunction with the CHID program.  (At first I thought I'd do a minor, but if they overlap quite a bit, I might be able to pull that off.)  

Anyone who has experience with the department -- can you fill me on the general mood of the place?

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I'm sorry but I just have to...

I'm currently going nuts because there are some girls who are typing loud as hell on these computers here at OUGL.  Is is really that hard to not pound a keyboard?? For christ's sake..

Def not helping the frustration of writing a load of final papers.  Anywho, back to work, I hope.

good luck with everything all...  The countdown to graduation is on, for sure.
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Anyone know what the protocol is for losing library books at UW? One of the books I borrowed it either very good at hiding or long gone. Not an exceptionally important book, just a copy of A Winter's Tale, but I figure I should find out sooner than later how much they usually charge to replace books.