May 27th, 2007

Physics 121 textbooks

The UW bookstore mentions that the following two books are required for the summer session of Physics 121:
(1) Tutorials in Introductory Physics, 2nd edition, with ISBN 9780130970695
(2) Physics for Scientists and Engineers, with ISBN 9780321397461

The problem is that the ISBN mentioned for (1) is for the first edition. If you've already bought your Phys 121 stuff, can you tell me if the bookstore's selling the first or second edition? Plus, the ISBN mentioned for book (2) doesn't correspond to any actual textbook on Amazon. Is the ISBN for a "package" of some sort? What's the ISBN on the actual textbook?

I'm on the East Coast, so I can't check these things out myself. The bookstore acts cagey with ISBNs of textbooks. Thanks!