May 25th, 2007



Does South Campus Center still have a Subway/food court in the lower floor?  It did when I was an undergrad, but I can't find anything on the website about whether it's still there!  Thanks!
  • atcg

Is anyone moving to UC Irvine this September?

I graduated this year and am going to grad school at UC Irvine (for the MBGB program), which starts mid-September. I am going to rent a U-Hall and drive down there with all my stuff. It would be a lot cheaper for two people making the same trip to to share one U-Hall and only have one vehicle on the road for a trip that spans most of the West Coast. Plus, the company would be nice. :)

If anyone wants to move at the same time and split the cost of the vehicle, let me know. Thanks!
le petit prince

sasquatch ticket

hello everyone,

does anyone have an extra sasquatch ticket for tomorrow?  i know it's super late, but if you do have one, please let me know!

perstare at gmail dot com

or 415 519 7009.  don't hesitate to call late, i'll be awake.  much thanks.