May 24th, 2007

fin aid scam?

anyone heard of

i think it's a scam. i got a letter in the mail about consolidating my loans and to call a number to confirm it and it'd just take a couple minutes and would save me lots of money. i called the number w/o thinking much until i realized that this was a strangely vague letter and it wasn't from Direct Loans which is where i usually get this kind of mail from. but then the person picked up and my first big clue was the guy was like totally stuttering and muttering and told me his name like 3 times. like he wasn't very experienced at doing this. and then i asked him further a little about the consolidation process just to see what he would say, and after another few moments i concluded that this was almost definitely a scam, so i hung up on him. then, he almost IMMEDIATELY calls me back (I NEVER EVEN GAVE HIM MY PHONE NUMBER, FILE NUMBER, ANY INFORMATION WHATSOEVER ABOUT ME) and says in a voicemail message: "leslie, i don't know why you hung up, but call me back so i can walk you through this process" (AND I NEVER TOLD HIM MY NAME). sure this place could have caller id or whatever, but why would a real consolidation office care THAT much about one student calling them enough to figure out what number they were calling from, what their name was, and then call them back and leave them a voicemail.

creeepy, right? or am i being over paranoid?