May 23rd, 2007



This won't convince anyone, it's the same-old same-old, and they're almost as loud and annoying as Friday visit-day for the elementary schools. What I want to see is some self-flagellating Opus Dei priests in red square, chanting Benedictine chants. That would convince me that the Christian/Catholic God is the way to go.
Someone let me know when said monks are out-and-about and I'll take some pictures of them.
Bag Head

library fee to collections?

Has anyone actually had their UW library fee sent to collections?

I know if I return the books I'm only responsible for the $20 each billing fee, but I really don't have the money right now for all the books and I'm leaving the state in two weeks. I can't see anywhere on their website where it lists the minimum amount for it to be sent to collections...I think it was $25 in the King County system, in which case I guess I'm kind of screwed. But I was hoping someone had better experience with this. I'll admit to fees totaling over $100, if that information helps. I swear I thought I'd returned them already! :(
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