May 22nd, 2007


Good online courses that the UW recognizes?

Hey all, thanks for your help on my last question.

My fiance finished high school last school year, and since then he's been working. He recently decided that he might want to go to college for computer science or informatics or something along those lines, but isn't really positive that's what he wants to do. High school was very difficult for him for various reasons, so he's not sure if going to college would be the right thing for him, but he would really like to learn more about computers. We were thinking that some sort of online courses might be best for him so that he can see if he likes it, and if so, he could try to apply to be a student at a community college (and with good grades, possibly transfer to the UW at a later point). Does anyone know of any computer science-y courses online that could be turned into college credit or if you can take just a couple of night classes at community college without really committing to going there?