May 21st, 2007

UW students needed for usability research study

Make your opinions heard
Usability studies are being planned to aid in the restructuring of two UW websites.  The studies will provide design direction and priorities for projects that affect how we will access information at the UW for years to come.
We are seeking students to participate in usability studies planned for May 23 to June 7.  The studies will be held in the usability lab in Mary Gates Hall, located at the center of the Seattle campus.  Each participant will be scheduled for their own individual session.  Sessions will last about 45 minutes.  During that time, participants will be asked to look at review web designs, try out features, and offer us comments and feedback.
Please help us to make these websites easier and more enjoyable to use!
You do not need to be a computer guru to participate in our study.  Participants at any level of skill are welcome.
If you would be willing to help us, please including the following information, and either reply to this post, or email

  • Your first name:
  • Your UWNetID or other email address:
  • Your phone number (if we can call you):
  • Your major (if declared):
  • Your # of years at UW:
  • Do you have a visual impairment or physical disability that affects how you see or read, or how you use a computer?  If so, please describe briefly:

Participants will receive a gift as a token of thanks. 

buying books

hi everyone,
I'm starting at UW this fall and I was hoping to get some advice on buying textbooks.  Do most of you buy from the University Bookstore?  Or is there a website that lists the required textbooks for each class so that we can buy online for cheaper? Or maybe a central area that people post ads for their used books? Thanks.
fleur de lys

(no subject)

-I'm requesting some ''geniosity'' from some UW brains... 

I have microsoft word 2000 on my computer at home, is there anyway I can update that to Word 2003 (like used in the libraries?)   Word 2003 is so much better for typing papers in foreign languages, I miss it at home :(
-oh and I browsed the microsoft site for updates or whatnot, but couldn't find anything/ anything I tried to d/l ended up not working.. b/c I didn't have this, that, whatever on my computer, sigh.  "Finding" something for free would be best, of course.. but, I feel that's a lot easier said than done.  I feel like it's not even worth checking on Limewire.. never had much luck there.

any info is appreciated!

Cable company?

What's everyone's favorite cable company/ISP that operates in the U-district? Comcast is what I've gone for in the past, but it'd be nice to get something that has better service and offers faster connections. Thanks!