May 14th, 2007


chid study abroad

Does a good application matter if you want to study abroad? Particularly for CHID study abroad programs. What I'm wondering is if it is a competitive process or do they generally accept the people that apply.

Also is it true you don't need a letter of rec for CHID programs?

Sorry for the stupid questions I'm trying to fill out an app at the last second, and I don't want to get excited for nothing.

study abroad + storage of crap

Hello all. I have a question for you.

I am studying abroad next year for the whole year. I live in a dorm right now and have a lot of excess crap that I will have difficulties getting home, but don't really have anything to do with here in Seattle. I considered putting it in storage for a year, but that seemed it could get rather pricey.

Any of you study abroad veterans, or other people with useful ideas, have any suggestions for what I could do? What did you do? Did it work? Or would you suggest otherwise?

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(no subject)

any thoughts on the following professors or their classes? i'm hoping that they are easy classes, especially the first two becasue i'm no science person and i don't know anything about scandinavian culture

J. Rothberg
G. Smidchens
J. Young

i'm taking their classes this fall (specifically light and color, intro to folklore, and pub/prof art issues).

Architecture and Art Questions

Hi Guys,

Registration is tomorrow for me and I don't really know what I should take... I'll be a sophomore and doing pre-arch.

I still need 10 NW credits, so any recommendations on what to take for that?

I also need 5 VLPA credits and I want to take art 290. But although i took art 190, they only seem to allow art majors to sign up for it. Is there any way around this? Like with add-codes/ emailing certain people?

Any other recommendations on classes for arch majors, would be nice too. I'll have quite a bit of extra room in my schedule next year...

Ughhh... this is my least favorite time of the year (besides finals!) Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


Hi everyone! The season has arrived for ads for apartment sublets! Before anyone points fingers, I've cross-listed to Craigslist as well, but I'm posting here in case anyone on LJ is looking for a summer sublet. The info is as follows:

I am subletting my room from June 14 - August 31, 2007; it's a room in a four-bedroom apartment on NE 50th St. and NE 16th Ave. The room has its own bathroom and closet, and the building includes laundry machines. It's a two-block walk to the UW campus. There are three female roommates; female roommate required. Rent is $475 per month and includes Internet. Utilities are separate; the bill is sent directly to the apartment. Pictures available upon request.

Really, folks, it's a nice apartment. There's a shared living room and kitchen; the apartment is close to Safeway, and is a nice walk to the U-Village. I'll leave my futon and dresser for you. Let me know if you have any questions!

E1 parking lot

So I had loaded my husky card with funds last night, and of course it wasn't on my account this morning at 7:30 am. Anyways, I go to the E1 parking lot, swipe and it rejects me... So I have my buddy get out of the car and lift the fence for me to sneak under. I do this succesfully until some stupid UW pick up truck driver drives up to my car and tells me I can't do that! So of course I complain, but in the end I just left the parking lot because he wanted to call the cops.
Sooooo moral of the story: don't load your husky card account the day before you need it at E1. (This ain't the first time happening to me either, damn me!)

On another note: I want to master Java programming over the summer. So to all you CSE majors out there, what is the best way to do this? (I've already taken CSE 142, and if CSE 143 is like 142 I feel that it will be too slow to actually master the language)